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UPS Maintenance


'You've made a significant investment in providing a back-up power solution, why wouldn't you continue to invest in its successful and safe operation?'

Your UPS needs regular servicing by a professionally trained UPS Engineer. These regular maintenance inspections check the operation of the UPS and its batteries to ensure safe operation and reduced risk from critical battery failure or gradual battery degradation. In addition to preventative maintenance visits, your cover plan will guarantee availability of an engineer for rapid response to any critical failure or service alarm. We can even remotely manage your equipment and identify issues before you become aware of them. Click here for more information on our PowerVue remote monitoring service.

What's included in Your Service & Maintenance Visit?

  1. Using a calibrated multi-meter, measure the phase to phase (3 phase) and phase to neutral input voltages.
  2. Perform a complete visual inspection of the equipment, including sub-assemblies, wiring harnesses, contacts, cables and major components.
  3. Check all nuts, bolts, screws and connectors for tightness and heat discoloration.
  4. Inspect for broken, brittle, damaged or heat stressed components and cables.
  5. Clean for any foreign material and dust from internal compartments.
  6. Perform a status check of alarm circuits.
  7. Perform an operational test of the system.
  8. Install or perform Engineering Field Modifications as necessary.
  9. Return the system to normal load and verify the output voltage. Calibrate as necessary.
  10. Review system performance with customer to address any system questions.

Internal Battery Maintenance Service

  1. Check integrity of battery mounting brackets and assemblies.
  2. Visually inspect battery system for: Swelling, leaks, loose foreign objects, overheated or corroded cables and connectors, loose connections on batteries and appropriate product labels related to safety and warning hazards.
  3. Clean and neutralize cell tops as required.
  4. Verify integrity of all battery terminal connections.
  5. Measure and record total battery float voltage.
  6. Record room ambient temperature.

All visits are fully documented with a signed Service Visit Report, enabling you to keep adequate records to prove that you are correctly maintaining your business critical infrastructure

Which UPS Cover Plan is Right for You?

  Fully Comprehensive Cover Plan Premium Cover Plan Standard Cover Plan
Parts Included During PT warranty period only During PT warranty period only
Repair work travel and labour costs are included* (excludes battery replacement travel and labour costs) included During PT warranty period only During PT warranty period only
Emergency call out travel and labour costs included included included During PT warranty period only
Preventative maintenance visit included included included included
Batteries are included during the manufacture's warranty period included included included
Emergency support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year is included included included included
Engineer Call-out guaranteed response times included included included
Free Telephone Technical Support included included included
Please note that visit times can include normal working hours, outside normal working hours and weekends as a option      
Response times can include 4 hour, 8 hour or next day as an option      

Additional UPS Services

Powertecnique offers a range of additional engineer services recommended to assist you in correctly maintaining your critical and back-up power equipment. For details of our battery testing, remote monitoring and similar services please read on.

Testing UPS Expected Performance

There are different ways to test the predicated performance of your UPS equipment. The most reliable way is to Load Bank test the entire system in combination with periodically testing the battery to determine its internal resistance. However in some instances a Load Bank may not be considered appropriate due to interruptions and perceived risk. In these instances testing the battery cell internal resistance is a cost effective and reliable way to predict the health and performance of the UPS battery. The internal resistance is closely related to its capacity and therefore this can be used to help predict performance. Continue reading to better understand which testing is right for you.

UPS Load Bank Testing

You've made a significant investment in your UPS equipment and battery that is suitable to maintain your load. It's essential that you are certain that your equipment is ready to support your power requirements should it be required. Our Load Bank service tests the whole system under controlled conditions and at a time to suit you.


Why Do You Need to Load Bank Test?

Our Engineer will test your complete UPS back-up power system to identify any potential issues that may occur during a power failure. By identifying these issues before your UPS is actually called upon due to a power outage, we are able to correct any potential problems and reduce future risk.

How Often Should You Load Bank Test?

Regular testing reduces your risk profile and should be part of your business continuity planning. Knowing that your UPS is fully maintained, tested and fit for purpose provides great peace of mind. We recommend a full Load Bank test is carried out regularly but only as necessary. Though load bank testing gives an accurate overview of the system and battery capacity, it should be used prudently. Over testing by discharging the battery will reduce the battery service life and the load is submitted to a higher risk for some time following a discharge (until the battery is recharged once more). Load bank tests can be arranged as part of your Service and Maintenance cover plan or as a separate agreement.

Load Bank Test Benefits

  • Powertecnique's planned Load Bank testing is by far the safest way to identify any potential points of failure and ensure that your UPS is fit for purpose
  • Testing can be arranged outside of normal business operating times to minimise disruption
  • Our Load Bank tests are fully documented and certificated to provide you with the evidence needed to prove that your equipment is fit for purpose
  • Risk and Method statements ensure compliance with all Health & Safety legislation, minimising risk to you
  • Our Engineer will test your entire system providing you with total confidence in your UPS power supply integrity

What's included in Your UPS Load Bank Test?

  • Your Load Bank test will be fully documented, providing you with the relevant evidence that your equipment is fit for purpose
  • Complete and thorough test of your UPS, battery, electrical supply, cabling, switchgear, fuses and other components
  • Efficient and safe battery discharge and test
  • Mobile AC and DC load banks of any size available, allowing testing of any installation anywhere within the UK.

Click here to arrange a Load Bank test or call us for more information.

Battery Resistance Testing

A UPS is only as reliable as the batteries it uses to support the load. UPS users need complete confidence that their load will be supported should there be an issue with the main supply. Predicting how a battery will perform when required to do so can be challenging. Powertecnique aims to remove this uncertainty and provide you with complete peace of mind.


Why Do You Need a Battery Resistance Test?

Load Bank testing will provide you with an accurate indication of how your UPS will perform in the event of a power failure. However these tests are reliant on a battery discharge and sometimes the risks associated with the UPS being incapable of supporting the full load during the time it takes for the batteries to recharge following a Load Bank test can sometimes be unacceptable. Each discharge of the battery also reduces the service life of that battery. Battery Resistance Testing looks at the internal resistance of a cell and allows us to predict its expected performance and identify any cell failure risk before issues arise. This test acts as a warning indicator of cells that have deteriorated to a point where it may compromise the integrity of your UPS system.

How Often Should You Resistance Test?

Battery Resistance Testing allows us to build up a profile of your cells predicted performance. This profile is of most use when it is monitored over time to show any significant changes and potential points of failure. With this in mind we recommend at minimum annual testing and ideally this test should begin from the time of installation to obtain the actual battery baseline data, although any starting point is better than not starting at all. This can be part of your Service and Maintenance cover plan or arranged as a separate agreement.

Battery Resistance Test Benefits

  • Powertecnique's Battery resistance testing is by far the lowest risk method to predict and reduce battery failure risk
  • Resistance Testing removes the risks associated with battery discharge and does not diminish the battery service life.
  • Testing can be carried out with the UPS in normal operation with no risk to the load or if required arranged outside of normal business operating times to minimise disruption
  • Our Resistance Tests are fully documented and certificated to provide you with the evidence needed to prove that your equipment is fit for purpose
  • Risk and Method statements ensure compliance with all Health & Safety legislation, minimising risk to you

By identifying any potential issues following resistance testing, further action can be agreed. Typically this may require the replacement of the individual cell or the string or would include testing the capacity of the individual cell or string to ascertain replacement criteria based on actual performance.

Click here to arrange a Battery Resistance test or call us for more information.

UPS Rental Solutions

Stand alone and containerised uninterruptible power supply (UPS) rental systems to support your business critical power needs

Powertecnique understands there can be various circumstances where there is a need for a temporary hire UPS system, often at short notice. The necessity for this type of requirement can be diverse, and can be based on short, medium or long-term hire agreements. We pride ourselves on providing rapid response UPS hire on site, same day where possible. Whatever the UPS rental requirement Powertecnique has considerable experience in providing hire equipment at very short notice. We can provide a free site survey, equipment delivery, installation and commissioning all within a few hours from start to finish.

Our UPS rental service is available to any business, not just those currently covered by our service and maintenance agreements. Customers have come to recognise Powertecnique as having an enviable fleet of standalone hire UPS and containerised uninterruptible power supply systems.


Typical UPS Rental applications include:

  • Short project requirements
  • Temporary UPS replacement
  • Disaster recovery
  • Contingency planning
  • Standby power in sensitive environmental areas
  • Emergency response to total power failure

'Your IT equipment warranty may be void if the power supply isn't filtered. What's your power contingency plan in the event of your UPS being offline?'

Features & Benefits of UPS Rental

Stand Alone High Efficiency UPS Rentals: utilising the latest technologies ranging from 600VA to 6.4MVA.

Self Contained Containerized UPS Systems: Complete standalone plug and play style solution up to 1MVA.

All Inclusive Pricing: Competitive UPS rental pricing includes full logistics, installation and commissioning services.

Fast Emergency Response: Our engineers can be on site within 4 to 6 hours ready to install your hire UPS.

Flexible Plans: All of our UPS rental plans can be extended with very short notice to meet with your requirements.

Service Support and Maintenance: All rental systems are backed up with Powertecnique's 24/7/365 technical support and comprehensive maintenance plans.

Emergency Call-Out Facility: Industry leading emergency response times if required during rental period.

Book a FREE site survey NOW

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