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PowerVue Comparison

There are many remote monitoring solutions on the market for UPS & generators. Below we compare features from 4 of the leading solutions to help you to see how they differ from one another.

 PowerVue SNMP CardAn alternative market offering
Secure GSM connection 
Requires access to your internal network   
Compatible with multiple brands 
Suitable for both UPS & generators  
Service & Monitoring   
Automated service call outs  
Automatic alerts sent out   
Access to Data   
Real time online feed   
Regular monthly reporting   
Completely customisable alarms   

Remote monitoring systems are designed to make your life easier so it's important that you pick a solution which works for you. There are certain things you'll want to consider:

Does the solution work with your equipment?

This one is a no brainer really. You can't purchase a remote monitoring solution which is incompatible with your critical power system. Although, you may want to think about whether or not you would like one single remote monitoring system for both your UPS & generators.

What would you like the system to do in case of a fault?

Different remote monitoring solutions work in different ways when a fault is detected, and which solution you choose to go for is likely to be based on how you will deal with a fault. PowerVue is capable of both automatically calling for an engineer and also notifying you via e-mail or text of the alarm which has been raised by your equipment.

What do you need monitoring?

All remote monitoring solutions come with a basic package of parameters which are to be monitored and maintained but not all solutions allow for extra monitoring on top of this. If you have anything extraordinary about your system, you may want to consider purchasing a package which is capable of customisable reporting.

What sort of things am I talking about here? Maybe your critical power system is kept in a secure room and you want an alarm to be triggered which notifies you whenever the door is opened. Or perhaps, because of the nature of batteries, you wish for your remote monitoring system to check the temperature of the room and push you an alert when it gets too hot.

The possibilities are only really limited by your imagination & budget. PowerVue can sync with many other monitoring tools to give you exactly the system that you need.

Can you afford to create a hole in your firewall?

Most remote monitoring solutions require access to an external server through your internal network. For some business, opening a port in their firewall to allow this to happen is no big deal and is a perfectly acceptable way to operate. However, for some businesses which deal in extremely confidential data this is unacceptable. In this instance you may want to consider a remote monitoring solution which connects to it's host independently to ensure that your network remains secure. 

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