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Industry Leading Diesel Generators

System Design, Delivery, Installation, Commissioning, Syncronisation & Maintenance – All from One Expert Partner

Whether you need a standby diesel generator to provide you with power generation during a mains power failure or a prime power diesel generator set to generate your power off grid, our industry leading diesel generator sets leave the competition standing.

What constitutes a generator?

A generator's key components are the engine, alternator and control panel. These are then built onto a frame, which usually incorporates a fuel tank, known as the base or day tank. It's then built into a canopy, container or enclosure. At powertecnique we use industry leading components with a worldwide renowned reputation for reliability, performance and dependability. Many cheaper manufacturers use cheaper components which compromise performance of the life expectancy of your generator set.


John Deere, Perkins, Volvo and MTU, allowing us to select the correct engine for the application, meeting load step requirements, fuel efficiency and running costs.


Leroy Somer, Mecc Alte and ABB – industry leading manufactures at varying price points offering versatility and value.

Control Panels

Deep Sea Electronics or ComAp Systems provide our control panels. From standard auto start to mains synchronising, parallel operation and peak lopping, or even simple key start.


Our range of canopies achieve low noise levels with a superior external finish meaning not only do they sound great but they also look great for many years, even in extreme conditions. All canopies are fitted with a link box as standard making it easier to connect the generator as required. Enhanced sound level options are also available on standard machines.


Our containers are designed and built to your requirements. Whether you require noise levels of 70dBA at 1m or even 55dBA at 1m we can offer a solution. If footprint is an issue, we can build the container with roof or side mounted inlet attenuator reducing the overall length.

Enclosures & Plant-rooms

As with the bespoke containers, we can offer a range of drop over enclosures. Designed and built to suit the exact requirement. These can be supplied with a number of options, such as stainless steel silencers and fittings, special paint finishes, switchgear and internal fuel tanks. If an internal solution is required we can install the generator into a dedicated plant-room. Powertecnique can carry out the full design and mechanical installation as required.

Fuel Tanks

The length of a mains power outage cannot be predicted; therefore you are unlikely to know how long your generator needs to be able to run. The amount of fuel stored will obviously have a direct impact on how long your generator can run. We can offer a range of bunded bulk fuel storage tanks, whether you require 12 hours or two weeks! Tanks are designed to whatever capacity you require. Large capacity fuel tanks can be fitted with fuel polishing pumps and a range of options such as remote fill point cabinets.

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