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Not all situations which require a standby power supply require a permanent installation. Sometimes you may even wish to expand your critical power capacity but don’t have the space to do so in your existing plant room. If this is the case, then you may want to consider a containerised solution for your power needs.

What is a containerised solution?

A containerised generator is exactly what it sounds like; a diesel generator which runs within a standard ISO shipping container and is completely self-contained. These can be easily deployed on site to complement or replace existing generators and are easily installed due to the fact that they arrive ready to run.

For our containerised UPS solutions, Powertecnique provide a modular UPS which comes with all the relevant switchgear for the solution to integrate on site. This works great if you are on a site which is stretched for space or don’t have enough room in your plant room or data centre for extra UPS equipment.

Why would you want a containerised solution?

There are many reasons why you may want to consider a containerised standby power system. Firstly, containerised units can work out to be cheaper than non-containerised equipment. This is driven by the fact that by nature containerised units are self-enclosed and do not need to be positioned in a plant room or have any alterations made to your building, saving you on expensive building or electrical work. A containerised solution is as close to a plug-and-play standby power solution you'll find and requires very little alterations to your existing site to make it work. Just find a space big enough to hold the container!

This brings us to our second reason why you may want a self-enclosed solution. Because it's flexible in it's deployment. 

With the greatest will in the world none of us can know what tomorrow holds and you may find that the standby power solution you purchased for your production line is needed elsewhere because the factory is relocating. Or perhaps you're a facilities manager who has to tender each year for a contract so you don't want to make a capital investment you can't take with you should you lose the site. Or perhaps you're just a business which moves about a lot and needs a power solution that you can take with you.

Whatever your reason for needing a transportable power solution, a containerised UPS or generator is a great way to ensure that you can rapidly redeploy your standby power system when you need too.

One of the other great advantages of containerised solutions is that they're scalable. If your business is growing there's no need to purchase more critical power equipment than is necessary. Containerised solutions allow you to purchase a standby power system which is appropriate for today whilst giving you the capacity to grow it for tomorrow's needs.

If you're interested in a containerised generator or UPS solution, why not get in touch to find out the ways in which Powertecnique can help you.

Alternatively, you should know that containerised UPS or generators also work great as temporary solutions. If you want to hire a unit in on the short or medium term basis Powertecnique are able to help. Click here to find out about our options on rentals.

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