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Working with Powertecnique

Hello! Welcome to Powertecnique's page for FSOA members. As a corporate partner of the FSOA (Football Safety Officer's Association) and with many years' experience in dealing with the challenges posed by sports grounds, we are proud to be able to help with your backup power system.

So exactly what is it Powertecnique provide? We are a team of specialist engineers who deliver bespoke critical power solutions. We can maintain & provide UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies), diesel generators, lighting inverters etc. Basically we're a one stop shop for all of your emergency power needs. Our aim is to make your life easier by offering one point of contact for any backup power issues you may have.

Whilst we may not sound like the most glamorous of partners for your club, Powertecnique want to become as important to you as your best striker. This is possible because we know that critical power infrastructure is one of many important challenges you face. You cannot afford to have thousands of people in one place and for the power to go out. But when you're at a football match either as a fan or as staff, you don't want to have to carry the burden of worrying about your power. Which is why Powertecnique will do it for you.

Think of us as the solid, dependable centre back. Not a glamorous signing, but one which if you get right releases the rest of the team to play creatively. We can monitor your power & critical power equipment to ensure that it never fails you, and our remote monitoring even means that if your generator needs an engineer it can call one out itself. You never need to worry about it ever again.

And this is key, because how your critical power equipment behaves and is serviced is covered by the Government's Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds.


The Green Guide

The Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds (commonly referred to as the Green Guide) specifies many features of a backup power system including:

  •  16.25 - auxiliary power systems must be in place to support all communications, CCTV & safety-related installations
  • 16.25 - auxiliary power systems must be able to last for at least 3 hours
  • 16.25 - in order for the event to continue should a power failure occur, the auxiliary power must also be backed up in case it fails (we term this as N+1 redundancy)
  • 17.13 - a generator supporting emergency lighting must be able to carry the full lighting load within 5 seconds of starting up
  • 17.14 - any passenger lifts or escalators must have an independent backup generator with an ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) installed to switch the load in the event of an emergency
  • 5.9g - all auxiliary power supplies are to be tested 24 hours before an event
  • 17.5 - auxiliary power equipment must be protected from vandalism
  • 17.12 - auxiliary power equipment must be stored away from public access

That's a lot of things to consider! That's why you may want to consider asking Powertecnique to help you with your backup power.

Powertecnique currently work with many different sports grounds including Old Trafford, the Emirates Stadium and St. James' Park. From our work with these grounds, we have a good base of understanding about what football clubs want and how to deliver to those expectations.

However, we've also been in business long enough to know that no two customers are the same and that's why we're offering a free site survey to all FSOA members designed around the Green Guide. One of our experts will come and visit your ground to see the auxiliary power system you have in place, and will discuss with you any ways in which your system could be improved.

If you're interested in this, why not get in contact right now?

Energy Efficient

But wait. There's more.

Not only do Powertecnique understand that you need your auxiliary power system for safety reasons, we also know that you don't want it to cost the earth and ideally, you want it to have a minimal carbon footprint so that we can delay climate change and keep playing football!

This is where our energy efficient range of UPS comes in. Installing Powertecnique UPS can save you a significant amount of money on your electricity bill. This is useful whether you're a small club who are struggling to pay wages, or a big club who need every penny they can get so that they can continue to operate in the transfer market.

Don't just take our word for it though. Why not read about the work we did with the Emirates Stadium to help improve their energy efficiency.

In conclusion then, Powertecnique can make your ground safer, make your life easier & save your club money. The decision to work with us should be as simple as Chris Coleman's decision to pick Gareth Bale.

Contact Us

T: +44(0)1489 560700
E: sales@powertecnique.com

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