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If you are looking for a reliable critical IT or power solution which can grow with your business, Powertecnique's Shelter range is designed for you.

Comprising PowerShelter and DataShelter, the Shelter range helps keep the critical revenue streams of your business up and running offering you peace of mind that your business is protected.

What is DataShelter?

DataShelter is Powertecnique's containerised critical power and data solution which comes equipped with server racks, cooling systems and UPS equipment ready for you to populate it with your data servers.

DataShelter comes in a variety of standard sizes, with additional options available to tailor the product to your needs. As standard, DataShelter contains the UPS equipment for your server racks but should you need the extra space for servers, then we can happily put the UPS in your PowerShelter. Each unit is designed around you, and to be compatible with your on-site services.

What is PowerShelter?

PowerShelter is Powertecnique's modular, containerised generator and switchgear solution. It comes with all the equipment necessary to back up your DataShelter. Each PowerShelter is built to complement the DataShelter you purchase, and PowerShelter can even house the UPS equipment if you choose to install more server racks into your DataShelter.

PowerShelter comes in five standard sizes, depending on the power load you are looking to support, and can be sized in a way which supports just your DataShelter or your whole site. PowerShelter is capable of supporting all power infrastructures and of being the only backup generator you need on site.

Whether you are looking to expand an existing IT system, or deploy a new standby power solution there are many reasons why you will want to consider the Shelter range for your needs.


Each Shelter built by Powertecnique is completely modular. This allows you to buy a unit based on today's specification knowing that you haven't compromised your business's future. Each unit is also completely plug-and-play which allows you to have them installed in the configuration you desire without closing the door to changes in the future.

So whether you know you are planning a phased expansion or just want to make sure you have the potential to grow in the future, the Shelter range can help you meet your IT and power needs.


Traditional data centres have to be built in a bricks and mortar building, planning permissions or constraints can delay or limit your development plans and this can lead to builds which take months or years. This has led to the rise of the modular data centre industry. However, while modular data centres can often be built easily, they can't be easily moved. The Shelter range is different due to their containerised construction. Powertecnique's Shelters are completely mobile and re-deployable. They can be installed on site within hours and as each unit is built and tested in our UK factory, you can easily inspect and witness test the build and be certain of our UK build quality.

So if you choose to move to new premises, or you operate your business in remote locations, your shelter can move with you.


Our Shelter range comes in a number of standard configuration units but it is possible to customise these units to fit your precise needs. Our UK based design team can fully customise each unit with Powertecnique's range of additional features, ensuring the solutions exactly matches your needs.

Shelter Range Benefits

• UK design and build
• Ultra quick design and build
• High quality construction
• Best value components
• No planning constraints
• UK witness testing
• Fully transportable
• 'Plug&Play' rapid install and commissioning
• Fully customisable

Contact Us

T: +44(0)1489 560700
E: sales@powertecnique.com

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