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RS232 Communications Port

RS232 Communications Port

RS232 Communications Port

As a provider of UPS, we get a lot of requests for our data sheets. These documents are key to understanding the specification of a UPS and the work that it can do, but if you are a new purchaser of UPS you may not have heard some of the terms before.

In the latest post in our series on this blog, we’re looking at what an RS232 communications port is and why your UPS has one.
If you look carefully on your UPS, you’ll find a port which looks similar to a VGA port you use to connect your monitor to your computer. This is the RS232 communications port.

RS232 is a standard protocol utilised by many different pieces of equipment to communicate and exchange information. It is typically used by a UPS engineer to help to diagnose problems with the UPS and also provides the protocol for how the UPS communicates with other equipment.

You may want to install an SNMP card to your UPS, or to have a remote monitoring solution such as PowerVue, and both of these could work off of the RS232 protocol contained within the UPS.
This little port is one of the tools available to us in order to understand and talk to your UPS.

Author: Petya Asgarova

01/10/2014 15:03:00
Listed in : Explaining Critical Power  
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