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Modular Data Centres (Part 1 of 2)

Modular Data Centres (Part 1 of 2)

Modular Data Centres (Part 1 of 2)

Transportable modular data centres and containerised solutions are used in a variety of industries. Darren Pearce, Managing Director at critical power specialist, Powertecnique explains how its new solutions, DataShelter and PowerShelter, differ from other containerised solutions.


“The Powertecnique Shelter range was developed as result of working with the US military in Iraq and Afghanistan and with the oil and gas industries where portable power solutions are needed to operate in harsh environments. In order to help bring the products to the UK market we commissioned a short Knowledge Transfer Partnership (sKTP) with the University of Portsmouth in autumn 2010 in order to help identify new markets which could potentially use the product and then develop it to best serve these new markets.

The Shelter range takes the five basic elements of data centres and splits them between two packages. The first is DataShelter which offers server racks, UPS (uninterruptible power supplies) and cooling equipment. Both the cooling solution and the UPS are built to incorporate an N+1 level of redundancy. The second container, PowerShelter, then contains all the necessary switch gear and a backup generator.

Customisable solutions

"The DataShelter and PowerShelter packages work hand in hand to ensure the best for the user, and the systems are completely customisable. There are plenty of options for customising the DataShelter unit, including security systems, remote monitoring and various door lock solutions. The standard unit is based around a standard 30ft ISO container. We also provide 10ft wide containers for when the DataShelter must be even easier to work in; those two extra feet of internal space will mean a lot in some circumstances.

"We size DataShelter units in kilowatts per rack (for UPS and cooling) and the lowest in the range is around two to three kW with only one or two servers running per rack. However DataShelter can go up to 20-25kW per rack and our engineers are working on a solution to get it up to 50kW per rack.

"We have worked with several different clients over the past six months and each package has been completely different from the others. Variants depend on where they need to go in the world, which can impact the required kW per rack, operating temperature range, internal layout and whether they require servicing."

Continued next week.

Author: Owen McIntyre

16/01/2014 16:43:00
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