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Modular Data Centres (Part 2 of 2)

Modular Data Centres (Part 2 of 2)

Powertecnique Datashelter

Transportable modular data centres and containerised solutions are used in a variety of industries. Darren Pearce, Managing Director at critical power specialist, Powertecnique explains the basic concepts behind it’s new solutions, DataShelter and PowerShelter.


Data centres

“DataShelter has a hot and cold aisle, which are separated by a fixed portion above the racks with a flexible curtain for access. These cold aisles can be cooled through free cooling technology if what you require is a lower PUE (power usage effectiveness) & a smaller carbon footprint. The typical PUE in this situation is 1.3.

“DataShelter enables us to give customers a mobile working data centre. We often recommend modular UPS units in data centres as multiple units can be added to form a larger cabinet; in fact with this arrangement it can be simpler to achieve N+1 redundancy by simply adding another module, providing great energy efficiencies against a more typical N+1 redundant legacy UPS system. Since UPS systems are more efficient when nearing full capacity, modular UPS enables the user to increase the size of the UPS (number of modules) in line with the load requirement and thus efficiency is kept high.

“The unit is designed to be capable of running blade servers which have multi core processors and generate a lot of power and storage in relatively little space. As this increases the need for cooling and we tend to recommend Free Cooling as an energy efficient solution. Free Cooling can be a great way to reduce the power requirement as it works with ambient air to cool the units down but because of the ambient temperatures in the UK in the summer you will still be likely to need some backup chillers installed for the warmer months of the year.

“The containerised solutions feature added capabilities with a remote monitoring DCIM (data centre infrastructure management) solution which has significant functionality, it can remotely turn off one network port if needed, and completely control the environment in the data centre.

“It has a PUE footprint dashboard to measure its effectiveness, is able to tell you exactly what temperature everything is inside the data centre, and can check alarms, visibility and control security – it’s a visible window into the DataShelter.

Against the elements

“Because of how DataShelter and PowerShelter came to be created, we have proven that the units work in incredibly harsh environments abroad. We are now bringing them to companies in the UK so that they can have more flexible IT & power solutions anywhere.

“Although we have a standard core offer, each unit is custom-designed around that core, and built to meet customers’ requirements. Items and features can be added or removed as necessary.

“No job is too challenging; we’re always happy to give anything a go and talk through a solution if the customer doesn’t know exactly what they want. We won’t even charge consultancy fees if you’re looking to buy through us – it’s important that you get it right and we’re here to help.”

Author: Darren Pearce

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